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Congressman Dr Ronny Jackson to Headline Eisenhower I-4 Assembly

Orlando FL, Representative Dr. Ronny Jackson of Texas CD13 has accepted a rescheduled invitation form Orange County Republican Party Chairman Charles Hart to headline the first Eisenhower I-4 Assembly on April 27, 2021, 6:30 PM.

If you're asking yourself, "Who's Dr. Ronny Jackson ?" your loyalty to President Donald J. Trump could be in question. You'll recognize this retired Rear Admiral in the United States Navy, very quickly as we continue to write about him and his accomplishments. The Orlando Republic wants to give you just a preview of this honorable speaker from Texas.

Jackson's last duty assignment was at the White House, where he served as Assistant to the President and as the appointed Chief Medical Advisor to President Donald J. Trump. He was elected to Congress in 2020 and represents Texas’ 13th Congressional District which encompasses the Texas Panhandle and much of North Texas. Jackson sits on the House Armed Services Committee and House Foreign Affairs Committee for the 117th Congress.

Jackson graduate from Texas A&M University at Galveston and then attended medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch. During his time in medical school, he served in the Navy Reserves, and immediately upon graduation, Jackson was assigned to the Naval Hospital in Portsmouth Virginia, where he began an active-duty military career as an officer in the United States Navy.

Doctor Jackson was selected as a White House Physician in the George W. Bush Administration. The Navy extended his active duty at the White House several times over the next 14 years, with increasing levels of responsibility. Jackson has served three administrations, directed the Executive Health Care for the President’s Cabinet and Senior Staff, served as Physician Supervisor for the Camp David Presidential Retreat, held the position of Physician to the White House, and led the White House Medical Unit as its Commanding Officer. After President trump's inauguration, Rear Admiral Jackson was asked to remain at the White House and was formally appointed by Trump as Physician to the President. Jackson was then nominated by the President of the United States to be the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs. President Trump would then appointed Jackson as Assistant to the President and to the newly established role of Chief Medical Advisor to the White House and the Executive Office of the President.

As previously reported, the Orange County Republican Party is working hard to make a bigger impact on the community and to highlight some of Orange County's great small businesses. The Eisenhower I-4 Assembly is the second of several uniquely organized events that will bring political, social, community and business leaders to address important issues and bring awareness to the exciting things that Republican's are doing, can do and will champion throughout the year.

Hart again said, "There's still a lot of life in the Republican Party and we're seeing more Republican organizations and clubs throughout Orange County. We'll be doing everything we can to Make Orange County Great Again with strong G.L.U.E. (Growth, Loyalty, Unity and Education."

The Party of Individual Responsibility has elected a new board with dedicated leadership. Hart is joined by Vice Chair Robbie Ford, Secretary Deanna Ortner, Treasurer Lito Valdivia, Assistant Secretary Jay J. Rodriguez, Assistant Treasurer Mikey Amat, and Executive Director Chadwick Hardee.

As previously reported the Orange County Republican Party revealed a confidential comprehensive strategy to the Orlando Republic that we can only report as far beyond our expectations and when implemented should bring new hope, energy and excitement to all registered Republicans throughout the county.

We'd like to thank the Orange County Republican Party for the exclusive look at what we can only describe as the most ambitious attempt to engage the Orange County Community that the Party has ever undertaken.

Tickets are $25.00 online or $35.00 at the door. If you haven't bought tickets for the Eisenhower I-4 Assembly on April 27, 2021, 6:30 PM at Corona Cigar Company & Diamond Crown Lounge, 127 South Orange Ave., Orlando, FL 32801. Reservations can be made at, email: or call: (321) 209-3787. The Republican Party will get back to you.

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