CPAC Review

The 2021 Conservative Political Action Convention (CPAC) was an unqualified success as attendees were welcomed to Florida and its “oasis of freedom” by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. And those conservatives heeded Governor DeSantis’s call for freedom as they traveled from across the country to Orlando, Florida to rally for the America First movement and its true leader, President Donald Trump.

The message best stated at CPAC was “if America falls, then freedom falls,” from Tennessee Congressional candidate Robby Starbuck, and as summed up by Florida Congressman Matt Gatez, “Don’t be shy and don’t be sorry” because “[o]ur American citizens come first, sorry not sorry”.

More than political conference, CPAC could be described as spiritual chicken soup for the conservative soul as Faith, God, and an eternal message of hope spoke out to those who attended. “If you show God lives in you, that will draw people to you,” Wayne Dupree said. “We offer hope through Faith,” T.W. Shannon stated to a roaring crowd.

In the days ahead, as the Democrats try to pass overtly partisan legations like like HR 1, these messages connected with the conservative audience. “I am going to stand up for my rights, you are not going to keep me down,” Dupree stated. We cannot “but into the Left’s idea American is systematically racist because it is not, American is the land of systematic opportunity,” stated Shannon.

And while many of the best speakers were national political figures, the message driven home was to focus on local election and be wary of Big Tech. Speaker after speaker spoke of the need of the conservative grassroots needing to take back the streets and focus on our neighborhoods and homes.

The delivered message was loud and clear. As summed up from Texas Senator Ted Cruz, if conservatives work as a team they will win because there is no civil war in the Republican Party because Republicans are united through a “Love of Liberty”. According to Cruz, conservatives have the better message and all they need to do is get that message in front of people. “Liberty is powerful, Liberty is persuasive, and Liberty is fun… and nobody is going to have any fun with socialists around,” chuckled Cruz. More importantly, Cruz informed the conservative attendees, “[t]he deplorables are here to stay” because the Republican Party is not the party of the country clubbers but the party of the workers now and President Trump is are undisputed leader and he is not going anywhere.

Concerns about the merger of Biden’s Big Government and Big Tech oligarchs were expressed by many at CPAC. When you “[f]use Big Government with Big Tech, you only make it easier to seize power and end Liberty,” explained Congressman Gaetz. Gaetz’s concern was not very controversial as many in attendance have been censored by Big Tech and everyone attending CPAC was aware of the censorship of President Trump by both Big Tech pillars Twitter and Facebook in recent days. “Big Tech represents the Trojan Horse of tyranny and oppression,” James O’Keefe of Project Veritas stated.

Conservative leader Charlie Kirk expressed, “Liberty is given to us by God and not by Government”. Kirk’s expressed concern was “[i]f we do not stop Big Tech, they will continue to stop the spread of information” and “infringe on our Liberty”. Kirk pleaded with CPAC attendee to be wary of anyone who takes money from Google and other Big Tech giants and should treat these donations with the same concern many Republicans do when they see a candidate take money from Planned Parenthood. Because ultimately, “Big Tech will silence you if you come out against it and Big Tech will crush you if you threaten it,” stated Donald Trump, Jr.

However, by no means did these warnings damper the spirit of those who attended CPAC. Attendees were told, “[t]ogether we can win these fights, but we must be vocal, we cannot be put in a corner, and we must be willing to fight”. “There is no time to be the victim,” Dan Bogino stated, “[t]he time for feeling sorry for ourselves is over because we are right. There is no time to waste”.

And the message got even better when Florida Senator Rick Scott, head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, informed CPAC that he expected Republicans to win two to four Senate seats in the 2022 midterm elections. Senator Scott urged the attendees to look to the future and not despair, “We have in front of us massive challenges and massive opportunities. I’m going to focus on the massive opportunities we have”.

But without a doubt, the most important part of CPAC was when President Donald Trump addressed a packed convention hall and spoke to thousands in overflow rooms and through conventional and online sources on Sunday. The crowd exploded with delight when President Trump took the stage and did not sit down the entire time he spoke.

President Trump’s enthusiasm was magnetic and clearly his hopeful presence was more than appreciated it cemented his role as the leader of the Republican Party. “The greater the adversity and the tougher the challenge the harder we must push through to total victory! We are tougher than they are, and we are stronger than they are... AND WE WILL PREVAIL!”, stated President Trump.

President Trump’s message was truly inspiring for many in attendance because it truly put to bed all of the lies told by the Liberal elements in the media, but it acknowledged the hard work and sacrifice of the grassroots that helped him get elected in 2016 and win 74 million votes in 2020. “The Republican Party is unified! Look at the crowds outside that want your seat! That’s why I am announcing I will actively work to elect smart and strong Republican leaders!!!” exclaimed President Trump to a very excited audience.

Without a doubt President Trump was not kidding about the enthusiasm of the grassroots located outside of the convention when he talked about the crowds outside. The Orange County Republican Executive Committee (OCREC) was instrumental in organizing a crowd that exceeded 5,000 Orange County Republican Patriots and others who traveled from across the county who mobilized outside in 80+ degree heat for over four hours just to welcome President Trump’s motorcade to CPAC.

“Without a doubt, Orange County and Orlando is Trump Country,” OCREC Chairman Charles Hart stated. “We love President Trump, and no heat or rain is going to interfere with us coming out and showing how much, we appreciate President Trump and all he did for our country. Everyone in the Orange County Republican Executive Committee would walk through fire for President Trump and I think the turnout today for him shows exactly that”.

A man for the exact moment, President Trump encapsulated the previous three days of conversations at CPAC with a solid plan of action for the conservative grassroots and a platform for the America First movement he stated. “There should be signature verification and a chain of custody for every ballot”, stated Trump and conservatives should “reject Leftwing Lunacy and Cancel Culture”. President Trump message included a future for America where the American people, workers, rights, Constitution, and future are not controlled by powerful but unseen forces who lurk behind the scenes and placing their own selfish interests above the United States of America because in just a mere month “we have gone from America First to America Last” according to President Trump.

The only disappointing feature of President Trump’s speech was that he only alluded to running for President again in 2024 and did not announce his candidacy as some hoped he would. President Trump focused attention on the future of the Republican Party and calling of any internal strife but joked with the audience at CPAC. President Trump joked with a delighted crowd that “Biden’s incompetence should be enough for the Democrats to suffer withering loses and lose the White House… actually, as you know, they just lost the White House... but you know I may decide to beat them a third time”.

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