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Defiant Democrat 40 vs 50.

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings is not apologizing for his decision to allow those 40 and older to get COVID-19 vaccines at the Orange County Convention Center starting today.

DeSantis was quoted as saying, "It's not his decision to make, there's a structure in the state of Florida in terms of how these decisions are made."

DeSantis is also reported to have said he is not happy with Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings' move to make the Orange County Convention Center a 40 and older vaccination site. Deming's decision was reported to be made after seeing low turnout from already eligible age groups. Something DeSantis addressed by lowering the age to 50.

The Orlando Republic believes DeSantis has been following the science better than any other Governor in the country. With the governors political standing on the rise, due to his desire in protect the most vulnerable and keeping the economy alive, he has started to be recognized nationwide. It’s begs to question has this rhetoric ratcheted up because of the Gubernatorial race is in 2022?

No secret that Representative Val Demings has indicated that a run for Governor isn’t out of the question. It’s widely rumored that her congressional district isn’t in any major jeopardy of disenfranchising her constituents. The borders may change but the rumors are indicating that they may even become more favorable to her political style.

The Demings’ just celebrated 33 years of marriage. The power couple could be brokering some strategy with both of them having to campaign in 2022. The speculation is that this tough talk could be testing the waters to see if DeSantis is vulnerable.

Several news sources have quoted Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings as saying "Do I need to get permission to do that? Told you before, I don't feel like I have to get permission to be the mayor of Orange County from Tallahassee."

This banter back and forth doesn’t look like a state rights vs county rights as much as it looks like a political play from Demings. When DeSantis waved the fines levied against businesses it seemed to bother Demings because of his dictatorial punitive leadership is so different from the free people will most always do what’s best if you ask nicely to approach of DeSantis.

Unlike other news sources we’ve seen and understood the clear direction that DeSantis has used to answer the COVID-19 pandemic and support his strategy. Evidence is starting to show lockdowns are ineffective and destructive to health and welfare.

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