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OCREC plans a rally for Trump at CPAC on Sunday

Grassroots activists respond to Orange County Republican Executive Committee (OCREC) rally for Trump In a sign of unabashed support and love for President Donald Trump, countless volunteers have stepped forward throughout the State of Florida to support the OCREC rally at the Hyatt Regency Hotel at 2 p.m. on Sunday, February 28 at the 2021 Conservative Political Action Convention (CPAC) welcoming President Trump before he speaks.

“We will be coming by bus,” one ardent Trump supporter exclaimed.  Another Trump loyalist mentioned, “Of course, I would love to be there”.

Republican grassroots activists are traveling from throughout the state by car, bus, and even planes to attend this rally.  To say the least, these activists want to show President Trump they are grateful for all he has done for the United States of America.

“It is impossible to state what President Trump means to people,” Orange County Republican Party Chairman Charles Hart stated.  “I just know I wanted to thank President Trump for all he has and will continue do, so this was the best way I thought we could go about doing it at CPAC.”

Activists have been urged to bring their Trump signs, flags, and gear but Trump loyalists shouldn’t feel intimidated or like this is a chore.

“Bring your American flag, Trump flag, Trump campaign sign, homemade signs, and Republican gear but this should be above all else fun...  so don’t forget your smile,” said Orange County Republican Party Vice Chairman Robbie Ford.  “We want President Trump to see the enthusiasm we have for him and to know how much we appreciate all he has done for our country.”

Parking is available at Pointe Orlando for a fee and rally participants have been directed to call 407-352-2120 for parking information.

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