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Mar-a-Lago: The Southern White House

Few things in life ever equal or surpass your expectations but visiting Mar-a-Lago is the exception.

As you pass under an Italian styled gate, you will be screened by the United States Secret Service on arrival. Not just anyone is invited to visit the Southern White House and the home of President Trump. You will marvel at iron work and the architecture of the second largest mansion in Florida and the twenty second largest mansion in the United states.

You will walk into the main hall you will see a replica of President Trump’s redesign for Air Force One but frankly that is the only “modern” sight you will see. The walls remain the same from when Marjorie Merriweather Post, heiress of the Post Cereal fortune, had Mar-a-Lago built in the 1920s. You are surrounded by ornate wood carved walls with a luxurious fireplace and a picture window with a dining table overlooking the main lawn and then the bluest of the blue Atlantic Ocean.

What is ironic is the path Mar-a-Lago took to becoming the southern White House. Ms. Post deeded Mar-a-Lago to the United States government to be used as a southern White House. However, Richard Nixon nor Jimmy Carter showed any real interest in the property and the property was given back to Ms. Post’s estate as it was too expensive for the U.S. Government to maintain. When the property could not find a buyer until President Trump bought it in the 1980s, and despite it all, became the southern White House when President Trump started staying there after he became president in 2016.

Outside on the veranda, you can truly see the Italian Architecture at its finest. Breakfast fare includes everything and anything you can imagine; you can order whatever you like. You sit overlooking a foundation on the first story and a pool and the inter-coastal in the distance on the ground floor.

In front of the mansion is the beach that is connected to the mansion by a passageway that goes under the street. To the right of the mansion facing the ocean is President Trump’s famous flagpole; President gave way to the city of Palm Beach by reducing the height of the flag pole after litigation, but to the chagrin of the liberal city leaders, President Trump made the location where the flagpole rests a large hill to actually raise the shortened flagpole even higher than it was originally because the new hill added more height to the overall flagpole than the amount President Trump reduced the flagpole by after his fight.

If you are fortunate, you may get a look at President Trump’s quarters or maybe even see President Trump himself. If you do, despite the luxury of Mar-a-Lago, you will see our President at work. Rather than ensconce and reside in absolute luxury, our President has chosen a location where he can not only enjoy his surrounding but where he can work to continue to save our country. President Trump is a full-time employee of Mar-a-Lago and he works to make it an experience for all of his guests.

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