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Sabitini, "I'm running for Congress"

Howey-in-the-Hills, FL- After weeks of speculation and the repeated quote from Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini of “I have been giving it a lot of thought,” Sabatini made an official announcement he would be running for US Congress. Sabatini spoke at a live event he hosted at JB Boondocks located in Howey-In-The-Hills.

With a lively crowd of over 300, Sabatini excitedly proclaimed that he was going to run for the US Congress. He has filed in District 11 the office currently held by Republican Congressman Daniel Webster, elected to the US House in 2010. Prior to his congressional service, Webster served 28 years in the Florida legislature. Speculation is that Sabatini won't actually primary Webster because he isn't using any district identification on his campaign website or video.

Sabatini should make any race very interesting as he is always high energy and is never one to shy away from expressing his opinion on any political issue.

Sabatini wanted to be clear that he felt the need to carry on the “America-First agenda.” He also wants voters to be aware that some of the elected officials in both Tallahassee & Washington DC were not all keeping to the Republican ideals and platform which they’re elected to represent. A staunch supporter of President Donald J. Trump, his candidacy promises to have a very clear message on his policy positions and he isn’t afraid to spell them out.

Sabitini said, “I’m running for Congress to protect our America-First agenda. President Trump has been stabbed in the back by the Republican establishment and it's time for Republicans who will have his back. I’ll be a champion for our conservative causes just as I’ve proven to be in the Florida House.” exclusively to the Orlando Republic.

U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster made it very clear he has no intention of retiring and called out his potential primary opponent Anthony Sabatini.

“Last week, Rep. Sabatini called me to say he was running for Congress, but that he did not intend to run against me,” Webster said in a statement. “Today he has chosen to file his paperwork for Congressional District 11 instead of another district. I never take reelection for granted. I work hard every day to serve my constituents and campaign hard every election.”

There is no guarantee that Sabatini will end up running against Webster if a new favorable district is drawn. Sabitini seems to have made his intentions clear to Webster. It's early in the campaign but the Orlando Republic looks forward to reporting on any new developments in this possible primary.

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