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Orlando's population is approximately 290,520 with Orange County's 2020 population around 1,417,280 and is projected to grow exponentially. The political ideology has been trending much more liberal over the past 20 years. The Republican Party only accounts for 25% of the registered voters. Democrats boast 43% of the registered Orange County voter and continue to aggressively register more voters.

We tend to see that cities are the epicenter of leftist politics. Orlando is no exception after sweeping out several of their conservative leaders. Once Orange County was lead predominately by Republicans. As Democrat registration started to soar and Republicans began being shamed because of their moral principles, Republicans started embracing nonpartisan campaigns in an effort to hide their identities. Shame on those leaders who allowed the Democrats an opportunity to redefine and vilify the Party of Abraham Lincoln. Martin Van Buren would be proud of the political operatives in his Democrat Party that he founded and organized.

The Orlando Sentinel has abandoned any sense of the word impartial, especially when it comes to writing human interest stories and community news. The Orlando Sentinel is nothing more than a source of liberal propaganda. Some extreme partisan conservatives have tried to give the people an alternative news source only to be discredited by mainstream media. If you're looking for an honest and reliable source of news, you've found it here at the Orlando Republic. We're looking forward to providing that honest and reliable news you've been searching for.

The Orlando Republic hopes to provide great copy throughout the publication and we welcome your feedback. We look forward to introducing you to the leaders that the media don't want you to know. Provide alternative opinions from people in your neighborhood who are just trying to make this planet a better place. The Orlando Republic wants to be your community involved media resource.

The Orlando Republic is excited to announce that the Orange County Republican Party Chairman Charles Hart is going to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and provide our coverage of this special event being hosted in Orlando.

If you feel you're alone, with no voice in your community the Orlando Republic is here to change that feeling. If you want to contribute to the content please email because we welcome your opinion. Please enjoy the Orlando Republic and share it with your friends and neighbors.

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