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This is The Most Inhumane, Power Hungry Administration in American History

Orlando, FL - OPINION I’ve been around since Truman was elected President. Never in my lifetime have I witnessed leadership with such distain for the American voters. Many have said Trump was an egotist and a narcissist, no argument there. But everything he did was to better the lives of the American people Lower taxes and lower unemployment, safer borders, honest elections and controlled inflation. I get it, you can dislike, or even despise your predecessor, but to cancel every good policy he implemented, at the cost of destroying the quality of life of your own citizens is totally ludicrous.

In just four months, gas is up by 1/3, groceries, restaurant prices, clothing and other necessities up over 20%. Costing each American $200. to $300. more per month, all done by the stroke of a pen by the current administration, for the sole purpose to undo what Trump did, with no regard to the effect on the American taxpayers. They also spent six months debating whether to give each low & middle income American, a $600 or $1,400 relief check, yet with a stroke of the pen, in one day they gave every illegal person crossing our border $1,100 cash and a free bus ride to anywhere in the country.

We won't spend the money to finish our border wall, because it’s "Immoral" yet we just sent millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to a foreign country to help them install a border wall, to protect them from a migrant over run, that’s NUTS. I guess the gain of absolute political power and total control of our tax dollars, is more important to the current administration, than our quality of life.

As I watch some of the elected officials on TV, I often ask myself; how did they rise to that position? Certainly, the last administration, had its nuts, quacks and crocks, but this one takes the grand prize. The biggest grandaddy of them all is Biden, a man that earned less than $200,000 annually most of his life, yet he and his family of bandits have a net worth of hundreds of millions of dollars. No one seems to want to know how they did it? Then there’s Adam Schiff, here is a guy that every time he stands in front of a microphone, he lies, I know he is lying, you know he is lying, and he knows he is lying. Everything he has ever said, eventually is proven false, but the damage is already done and that was his entire purpose.

How about Maxine Waters, she is the biggest race monger since Hitler, everything she says is designed to turn one race against the other, she makes Al Sharpton look like a choir boy. Any journalist interested in how this illiterate managed to accumulate her millions? With all the racist comments she has made over the years, why haven't her colleagues ever censured her?

Of course, don’t forget frick and frack, Pelosi & Schumer They care nothing about the suffering of our lower to middle income earners, those who suffered the most, waiting for those power hungry, party protectors to get a relief packages out to our most needy. Maybe our Congress should’ve gone without a job, or income, for a year while someone played politics with their life?

Finally, we have the Maguire sister of the communist party, Cortez, Omar & Tlalb. If you looked up the word hypocrite in the dictionary, I’m sure their names would all be there. The three of them should get a regular job, live on half their income for twenty years, then invest the rest in a business, just like so many of our immigrant ancestors did, then watch some Government official like them, make it imposable for their business to survive. Maybe then they’d understand the difference between Capitalism and Socialism?

There are good and bad in both parties, some start out good, but can't say no to all the corrupt opportunities available to them. If this country is going to survive for the next generation, then each one of us must help to clean house within our own party. We need to get rid of the bribe takers, the power mongers, the race haters and race manipulators, as well as those who's agenda is to move this country from a democrat society to socialist or other forms of destructive government. Take our country back. Get active.

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